North American
Horse Association

Baroque; Elegant,
elaborate, ornate.

Baroque is used to
describe people, clothing, homes,
furnishings and HORSES
of the Renaissance period.

Through the years people
and horses have changed.

The admiration of a truely
Baroque horse,
however, has not.

All but lost through the
years this "type" of horse is
making a strong comeback
in recent times.

Certain breeders, of old,
bred chargers for the army,
guards, and royalty.
These chargers were
elegant, strong, comfortable
to ride and athletic.

Suited to pull the most elegant
carriages, take soldiers into battle
and carry royalty through
the countryside.

A truely elegant and
versatile mount.

Our goal is to bring back
the charger of old through
selective breeding.

There are many breeds
that produce the occasional
Baroque horse, but,
not any one breed produces
this type consistantly.

This is the aim of
breeders working through
this registry.

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